Monday, October 30, 2017

What do we do with opposites?

We live life with an array of opposites.

  • Sometimes we see opposites almost "in conflict" such that we must choose one and reject the other.
  • Other times we might hold opposites in a "tensive relationship" and strive for a balance.
  • Yet a further possibility is a struggle to "integrate" opposites. 
The above maybe an over-generalized and simplistic summary perhaps, but does it have possibilities for opening a window of insight into the different forms of consecrated life. If we consider "consecration" and "secularity" from the analogy of opposites, then perhaps:

  • Enclosed Contemplative Religious life in some respects "opposes" consecration and secularity. Members withdraw totally from the secular world to live their life of consecration.
  • Apostolic Religious Life "holds in tension" consecration and secularity. Members are drawn to the world in service, and away from the world as a distraction to their consecration.
  • Secular Institutes are called upon to "integrate" consecration and secularity.

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